Less than 7% of Web3 VC funding went to female-ledGary Gensler's Statement on Bitcoin ETF Approvals以太坊开发者是对的 Vitalik 提高 Gas 限制性计划表示担忧South Korean Financial Regulator Says U.S. BitcoinNFTs eye comeback following Spot Bitcoin ETF approSpot Bitcoin ETF: Should retail investors be conce1inch DAO votes in legal team for risks around decAI computing in 2024: Navigating the surge in demaSpot Bitcoin ETF approved in the US: What to expecCoinShares exercises option to acquire U.S. BitcoiEther price jumps 20% vs Bitcoin as BlackRock boosGrayscale court decision was key to Bitcoin ETF apThe New York Times VS OpenAI: What’s the worst thaEthereum price soars as Bitcoin drops — Did ETH stSolana MEV bot bags $1.7M, CFTC eyes DeFi risk mitSingapore bill would expand control over crypto fiPrice analysis 1/12: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, ADA,Wise Lending drained of $440K worth of crypto in aBlackRock CEO doubts Bitcoin will ever become a cuHedera Network approves $408m worth HBAR allocatioSEC’s Gensler assures no system access in responseBitcoin ETFs attract $1.4B in two trading sessionsWill Bitcoin keep dropping because of the ETFs?Gold on steroids? Bitcoin, gold correlation surgesHong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium removes XRP froGameStop to shut down NFT marketplace due to regulGoogle Play Store removes Binance, others in respoWeb3 faces regulatory hurdles in Africa, hinderingRollups, corporate demand, and Bitcoin-tied solutiRiot, TeraWulf and CleanSpark best-positioned mineBitcoin greed index plummets to ‘neutral’ as ETFsReported ‘transfer’ of $15B XRP was part of a failCelsius transfers $125M of ETH to exchanges as FTXMichael Saylor has been removing 80 deep fake videAlex Mashinsky seeks dismissal of two charges, askBitcoin faces 'very limited liquidity' as BTC pricOpening the doors to crypto for a broader audienceSony developed an AI system to create fantasy NPCThe week the SEC finally approved spot Bitcoin ETFSEC joins Do Kwon’s request to start trial after eMicrosoft launches Copilot Pro with custom GPTs anUN implicates crypto in booming illicit economiesFantom cuts staking requirement by 90% in a bid toBitcoin’s ‘remarkable’ growth and CBDCs threaten tCircle CEO sees ‘very good chance’ of stablecoin lBinance Thailand’s public launch to compete with i1 in 4 CEOs expect to sack staff due to AI this yeBitcoin daily RSI hits 4-month lows with BTC priceIndian crypto exchanges lure in Binance, OKX invesTether responds to UN report about ‘illicit activiTether Hits Back at UN Report Alleging Role of USDAvalanche embraces memecoin culture despite criticElon Musk ‘uncomfortable growing Tesla to be a leaFlorida governor who pledged CBDC ban comes in secUniswap budgets $300K for V4 development with $150Microsoft CEO calls OpenAI partnership ‘pro-competGovernance key to enjoying rapidly developing beneMultichain CEO resurfaces on Telegram as investorsGrayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF transfers another $376Use cases, not greed, will drive the industry forwSocket protocol loses $3.3M in confirmed approvalBeing a developer for the decentralized web sucksSam Bankman-Fried’s parents seek dismissal of FTXVitalik Buterin says L2s using Celestia are validiBitcoin ETFs top 3X daily volume of all 500 ETFs lMultiple U.S. Senate bills object to CBDC's definiMicrosoft partners with Vodafone on generative AI12% Salvadorans used Bitcoin for purchases in 2023A new protocol elevates privacy and security in blRipple CEO expects more crypto ETF approvals: DavoProShares files for 5 Bitcoin ETFs with indirect eOpenAI reveals lessons learned from $1M grant progBTC price slips to $42.4K as JPMorgan CEO says BitVanEck to delist Bitcoin Strategy ETF, citing perfCoinbase to dispute SEC crypto authority in federaOpenAI CEO Sam Altman says there’s no way to buildEthereum Dencun upgrade goes live on testnet afterX removes NFT profile pictures, GameStop to shut dBitcoin hash rate drops by 34% amid freezing tempe9 out of 10 multichain devs work on an EVM chain:Donald Trump vows to ‘never allow’ creation of a CBitcoin miners in ‘selling mode,’ dumping $450M BTMemecoin trader briefly becomes millionaire off thChasing Ronaldo: Binance users to employ creativeGoogle's 2024 forecast: job cuts to propel AI initCosmos-powered dYdX claims top spot in DeFi: beatsBitcoin mining hits all-time high with 54.5% sustaSolana’s rise due to resilient community — ExchangCrypto Crime Amounted to Over $24B in 2023: ChainaManta Network experiences DDoS attack amid exchangFormer OpenSea manager appeals conviction, claiminHere's why Bitcoin bulls are failing to shift theRobinhood settles ‘gamification’ case with MassachJP Morgan Chase leads $500M funding round for HoneCanada proposes changes to investment fund requireJudge in SEC v. Binance case will hear arguments oGary Gensler approved the ETFs — but now he’s stri杠杆比特币越来越多 ETF 投标人涌入,富达以太 ETF 被推迟Nifty News: Trump NFTs go Ordinal, Zuck’s metaversEthereum users can now stake an entire validator dSouth Korea’s top office urges FSC to revisit stanTrader bribes way to $7M profit on SatoshiVM tokenAppellate court orders appointment of FTX independDeepMind co-founder says AI will be able to inventWormhole reclaims $1B TVL, Hedera’s $408M developmFormer IcomTech CEO sentenced to five years in priPolygon co-founder explains how to stop inscriptioPolygon co-founder explains how to stop inscriptioOpenAI CEO Sam Altman eyes global chip venture funWhat are supply and demand zones, and how do we usTrezor discloses 66K users affected by phishing at在美国,SEC正式批准了11个比特币现货ETFThe US SEC officially approved all 11 bitcoin spot ETFsBTC broke through 47000 USDTBTC fell below 46000 USDTETH fell below 2600 USDTHTX MarketsThe TVL of DeFi protocols is $207.68 B, and Eth2 ranks firstUBS will allow some clients to trade spot Bitcoin ETFs under certain circumstancesHedera and Algorand team up to develop decentralized wallet recovery systemPrysm Ethereum client releases new version Prysm V4.2.0Optimism announces the results of the third round of RetroPGF fundraising. 30 million OP will be allWaveBL Raises $11M in Additional Funding to Expand Digital Trade Document OfferingsThe 125th Ethereum Core Developer Consensus Meeting: Discussing the inclusion of part of EIP in theThe total transaction volume of NFT related to the Manta airdrop has reached 15,379 ETH, with the hiSpot Bitcoin ETFs Debut in US Trading with Grayscale Trust Seeing Most VolumeHong Kong digital currency concept stocks fell, Meitu fell nearly 13%Bloomberg: South Korea attempts to stem large speculative capital flows into U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFCITIC Securities: Spot Bitcoin ETF approved for listing, cryptocurrencies usher in liquidity boomVitalik: I hope to see more projects conducting QF and RPGF rounds in the futureBitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 71Crypto market sees green as Bitcoin and Ethereum prices rise, despite $230 million in liquidations oTRX is listed on Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchangeOpen interest in Ethereum contracts across the network exceeds $9 billionThe trading volume of DEX on the Ethereum chain on January 11 was US$2.161 billion, and BSC ranked szCloak Network and Solv Protocol announce their cooperation on the DESFT projectParticle Network has completed a seed round of financing led by Polychain CapitalBeware of Uniswap Arbitrage MEV Bot-related ScamStarknet: Beware of fake accounts claiming to offer token issuance and airdropsSouth Korea's Cautionary Stance Against Spot ETF TradingA large number of small MEME buying orders appeared on the chainThe total market value of USDT exceeded 95 billion US dollars, continuing to hit a record highDerbit BTC Volatility Index Drops to 56.8The Bitcoin halving time is expected to be April 2024, with less than 100 days leftCryptoQuant: More than $1 billion in BTC was sent to the trading platform, and miner outflows reacheBlackRock CEO: Sees the value of launching Ethereum ETFSUI breaks above $1.2ENS briefly broke through $26.6, with an intraday increase of 11.3%Perhaps due to a sharp drop in Ordinals transactions, Bitcoin miner rewards and fees dropped by moreU.S. SEC Chairman: Most tokens are securities and subject to securities lawsThe MakerDAO community voted to approve the proposal to “increase the SparkLend D3M debt limit toTransaction volume on Aptos chain exceeds 400 millionCircle CEO: International support for USDC minting and redemption expanded from 88 countries to 185BlackRock CEO: Bitcoin is the same as goldETH broke through 2700 USDTConsensys launches beta version of NFT toolkit Phosphor for creatorsBloomberg Analyst: Spot Bitcoin ETF has attracted a net inflow of US$782 million on its third day ofNAVI Protocol acquires staking platform VoloBlockchain data and tax solution ZenLedger partners with April to launch first encrypted end-to-endCoinShares: Cryptocurrency products have seen net outflows of $424 million so far this week as invesInception Capital (formerly OP Crypto) completed its first fund raising of US$30 millionVanEck announces closure and liquidation of its Bitcoin Strategy ETF productCronos Labs announces 5 shortlisted projects for the third batch of Web3 Acceleration ProgramBlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF Now Holds $700 Million Worth of BTCThe TVL of DeFi protocols is $198.63 B, and Eth2 ranks first$2 Billion Worth of Dormant Bitcoin Revealed Within Days of Spot Bitcoin ETF Trading BeginsRipple CEO Slams SEC Chairman as "Political Liability" and "Very Hostile" towards Crypto IndustryCelsius announces repayment, refinancing options or offset processing for retail borrowers’ deposiCryptocurrency Index Project BasketDAO Reportedly Attacked, Losing $107,000Vitalik: Only networks with stronger security properties than multi-signature can comply with the L2U.S. Senate Banking Committee to discuss legislation targeting cryptocurrency money launderingBlockSec: BasketDAO contract is under attack, please revoke relevant authorizationsDelphi Labs and Astroport Contributors Launch Asteroid Protocol for Cosmos HubThe South Korean government will review the virtual asset tax plan originally scheduled to start inU.S. Bitcoin spot ETF cumulative trading volume exceeds $11.1 billionMonetary Authority of Singapore: Bitcoin spot ETF cannot be listed in SingaporeJPMorgan Chase CEO: Bitcoin is like a “pet stone” and cryptocurrencies may have value if they arA certain whale sold 8,683 ETH and 541 WBTC last month, making a profit of US$13.3 million.Equilibrium launches 50,000 DOT crowd-lending activity and will reward 1 million Q tokens to particiStablecoin protocol Frax Finance plans to launch Layer 2 blockchain Fraxtal in FebruaryAstar partners with Startale Labs, Hakuhodo, NTT Data to advance Web3 adoptionCryptoQuant: Bitcoin downside risks remainThree senior executives from crypto custodian Qredo have resigned, including founding team member BeA giant whale spent 86,738.1 SOL to purchase 17.22 million WIF, holding a total of 37 million WIFThe floor price of the first NFT series issued by Trump rose to 0.275 ETH, an increase of more thanThere are only 150 days left in the countdown to ETC production reductionThe trading volume of DEX on the Ethereum chain yesterday was US$1.2 billion, down approximately 52.Public Goods Network announced that it is tentatively scheduled to officially end operations in JuneDeus X and Fabiano Consulting Partner to Explore Investment Opportunities in Bitcoin Mining SectorHashKey Exchange releases new rules on sub-accounts and API Keys, scheduled to take effect on FebruaWeb3 music startup TRAX completes approximately US$2.9 million in financing on ICP blockchainManta Network: The Manta Pacific chain suffered an RPC attack, which is currently being resolved andC1 Fund and Spartan Group establish strategic partnership to promote digital asset secondary marketDonald Trump Vows to Block Central Bank Digital Currency if Elected PresidentDeFi protocol TVL across the entire network exceeds US$58.6 billionMarket news: Social media platform Reddit plans IPO in MarchConflux to launch EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 solutionManta co-founder : The network is experiencing well-planned DDOS attacks, funds are safeVeChain’s official Twitter was hacked and phishing links were postedCryptoPunk #2386 received the latest bid of 900 ETH, which is approximately US$2.26 millionFrench crypto market maker Flowdesk completed $50 million in Series B financing, led by Cathay InnovRoundhill Investments Bitcoin Covered Call Strategy ETF Launches Trading on Cboe BZXStable currency USDP is listed on Solana blockchainHT soars 5% within the dayETH fell below 2500 USDTBTC fell below 42000 USDTADA fell below 0.5 USDTBTC fell below 41000 USDTWeb3 analytics platform Safari completes $2.4 million in Pre-Seed round of financingBitcoin Layer 2 project SatoshiVM token issuance successfully concluded, raising a total of 10,800 ABloomberg: State Street reorganizes digital assets unit and cuts some positionsArbitrum launches expansion plan and developer association to support the creation of custom chainsMasa Network will launch the network and tokens in the first quarter of 2024 and has started airdropHYCHAIN: 200 million TOPIA will be allocated to node rewards, and operators can receive network feeSouth Korea’s presidential office urges financial regulators to reconsider possibility of spot BitBitwise injects $20 million into its spot Bitcoin ETF todayKorean project LayerBank announces investment from Manta NetworkThe total market value of cryptocurrencies fell to $1.697 trillion, and ETH’s market share was 17.Manta Network is setting up a branch in South KoreaBritish media: AI startup Cohere plans to raise $1 billionArk Analyst: Bitcoin network performs 67 times more hashes per second than grains of sand on EarthTVL on the Manta Network chain surpassed Base and surpassed Base network to enter the top 10Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 51Public chain Zilliqa launches new Rust SDK to create dAppsZilliqa launches new Rust SDK, allowing developers to build DApps using the Rust programming languagLaw firm KirklandBitcoin Price Faces Selling Pressure as Outflows from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Move to Newly LaunchedWeb3 social platform DeBox announces investment from DWF VenturesJP Morgan: GBTC may have another $1.5 billion outflowMantle: The amount of mETH pledged has exceeded 300,000The TVL of DeFi protocols is $194.39 B, and Eth2 ranks firstBTC broke through 41000 USDTBTC broke through 42000 USDTADA broke through 0.5 USDTThe implied volatility of Bitcoin options this week exceeded 97%, which has tripled from the low of9 other ETFs except GBTC have purchased 79,600 BTC in 6 trading daysCBOE and Nasdaq submit applications to U.S. SEC for options trading on spot BTC ETFArbitrum Foundation announces start of second phase of funding programBrazilian B3 exchange to open after-hours trading for Bitcoin ETFThe U.S. CFTC accuses the Debiex gang of embezzling more than $2.3 million in customer assets throug21Shares US branch is recruiting a compliance directorGalaxy researcher: The probability of Dencun being deployed on the Ethereum mainnet at the end of MaMetis-based LSD protocol ENKI has been launched on the test networkSatoshiVM transferred 1,217,818 SAVM to 248 influencer addressesRGB v0.11 launched by the LNP/BP Standards Association has supported Liquid NetworkFranklin Templeton Head of Digital: More ETP applications expectedManta: Users who spent high gas costs during DDoS attacks on the network will be compensatedBitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 52Punk 9935 sold for 64 ETHHashKey Exchange releases new sub-account and API Key management regulations and plans to take effec"Mutant Ape" MAYC's OpenSea transaction volume exceeded 1 million ETHThe second phase of the Rollup.Fniance airdrop event is online, and tokens will be issued in Q2 2024The community inscription ALLY trading market is open, with a single-day trading volume exceeding 1,Ethereum Layer2 TVL is currently US$21.7 billion, a decrease of 3.8% in the past 7 daysHTX January 20 News Express#SHIDO 4H TIMEFRAME UPDATE交易员预测加密货币激增期间比特币将创下新低赢200 USDT:提交加密货币投资问答赢1000 USDT:分享你2024年的期货交易计划[谢尔盖]为什么 HTX 即将推出的 Epic Airdrop 是您致富的独特新机会?赢1000 USDT:分享你与HTX的故事[基里尔]DAO组织结构对于中心化交易所意味着什么?手续费比较划算的交易都是什么?能不能交易比特币现金?「韩国大妈」热情进入区块链,人均收入425%,全民区块链的现象到底意味着什么?CAN币/CAN在哪个交易所?bistamp交易所世界排名?dibi交易所正式吗?如何使用bitcash礼品卡?bivip是正规的交易所吗?世界第二大数字货币交易所?btcs可以去交易所吗?wikola上可以购买万事币吗?怎样使用比特币进行套利交易?我有doge怎么卖?你能买doge吗?美国数字货币交易所排名?boomex交易所备案了吗?如何购买数字货币?如何在中国注册coinbase?Coinbase是否关闭了其政治行动委员会?世界上第一个区块链交易平台?支持trc20的coinbase?Coinbase交易所是否支持数字美元?coinbase交易全部中文?coinbase提现费用?允许俄罗斯用户使用Coinbase,比特币是否有资金上涨到10万美元?什么是去中心化钱包?第三次比特币减半,投资者是否看好市场?ZenGo的加密钱包应用推出了哪些新功能?uniswap机制?CryptoKitties在区块链养猫游戏中获得A轮融资,「以太猫」会不会像比特币一样火爆?如何在solana上交易?什么是base公链代币?恶意挖矿后门代码植入Ruby,哪些库受到影响?大陆开放的hashkey交易所吗?比特币是什么?区块链是什么?三大加密货币交易所哪个好?日内比特币下跌超过5%,是否适合购买?什么是stamp?猜猜2023年最佳HTX加密货币影响者投票的获胜者mexc交易所怎么样?babydoge上了哪些平台?集中交易所是什么?哪个交易所在kcs上线?如何获得okb?66快币多少钱?如果现在有了比特币,怎样才能把它变成人民币呢?bittok币拓交易所会来香港吗?什么是coinex交易所?如何使用coinerex交易所?什么行业是coin?boomex交易所是正规的交易所吗?什么是worldcoin?货币coin和货币世界是app吗??币安网交易所安全吗?炒现货合约交易合法吗?币安网交易所如何充值入金到USDT?Coinbase Pro交易所是全球数字货币前十大交易所吗?Coinbase 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